Deep Thoughts on How to Enjoy Driving More

Here are some tips on how to enjoy driving.

Drive with a smile because you own a car.

How can you take on the daily commute, which for some is one of the most stressful, unpleasant experiences that our modern world has to offer, and turn it into something enjoyable? People with PhDs call it “reframing.” Here’s how to enjoy driving your daily commute a little more…

First, rethink your route. Is there a route that may take just as much time, even if it’s a greater distance, which features less traffic and congestion? Heck, even if it takes longer, consider a less congested route. It’s not worth the stress.

The Huffington Post recommends using your commute as a time to unplug. As long as your spouse doesn’t mind you disconnecting for a while, enjoy the freedom and space of truly being alone with yourself. Quality alone-time enhances your together-time with others.

Other activities are listening to new music or talking out a difficult problem you might be having in your life. Don’t worry about other people thinking you are crazy for talking to yourself–just assume they think you have your Bluetooth on!

The trick is not see your commute as wasted time, says Dr. Frank Ghinassi, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, but rather as very valuable time that can enhance your life.

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