Avoid These Bad Driving Habits

Avoid bad driving habits, and arrive safely at your destination.

Either you give this look a lot, or you tick a lot of drivers off.

When you are driving, do you notice that people often honk their horn at you or give you bad looks? Can’t figure out why? It could be because you are a BAD DRIVER.

Let this go on too long and you’ll have a road rage situation on your hands. Luckily, we’ve outlined some bad driving habits so you can figure out what you are doing wrong.

Are you driving distracted? This can make your driving unpredictable to other drivers, as you divert your attention away from operating your car safely on the road with others. Put your cell phone in the glove box or trunk if you have to!

Maybe one of the reasons you are upsetting other drivers is because you are tired. As Road and Track puts it, “Drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving.” Coffee or an energy drink can help temporarily but there is no substitute for sleep. If you need to pull over and catch a cat nap, do it. It’s much better than the worst case scenario.

Another problem… You may be driving like a maniac. Speeding can be dangerous when you are going faster than the flow of traffic. This creates unpredictability. It also holds true that the faster you go, the more severe an accident will be were one to occur.

Of course, the real motivation to be a better driver is not to avoid bad looks from other drivers. It’s to be confident you’ll safely make it home every night. Let that be your goal!


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